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Bike hire

Cycling in the New Forest gives you a chance to truly experience all the great things we have to offer and get close to our amazing nature. Ancient woodland, heaths, pretty villages and a 40-mile ‘secret’ coast are just some of the amazing things we have to offer cyclists. Plus, here in the New Forest, the real bonus is there are over 100 miles of car-free cycle trails, so hire one of our own Pashley bikes, stock up with one of our hampers and spend the day exploring.



£12 for the day 


Top 5 cycling routes in the New Forest

With so many to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to some of our most popular New Forest cycle routes for you to follow :

  1. The Old Railway (9 miles)
    Follow the ‘Castleman’s Corkscrew’ from Brockenhurst to Burley on this easy/medium ride. This ride will take around 2-3 hours, depending on your cycling abilities, and is a great route to explore all of the landscapes and wildlife in the New Forest.

  2. Hawkhill Trail (9.1 miles)
    This route is a fantastic choice for families, with the whole route being safe and off-road approved. Heading from a Roundhill, passing by lots of WWII history, with the airfield at RAF Beaulieu. 

  3. Ashurst to Lyndhurst Loop (14 miles)
    For a longer adventure, this brilliant looped route in the heart of the New Forest is perfect. Taking you past gorgeous open views of the forest, where you will be able to spot our free roaming ponies and cattle and enjoy our lovely flora and fauna. Follow wonderful gravel tracks through the forest and along smooth country roads.

  4. Looping Lepe and Exbury (9.3 miles)
    Cycle along our coastline on this circular route starting from Lepe Country Park, down forest tracks and bridleways and through some of our lovely, quaint villages in the New Forest. This cycling route is great for those looking for a more relaxed ride!

  5. Northern Forest Circular (17.8 miles)
    For a bit more of an intense bike ride, take this longer route across the beautiful north of the New Forest, where you’ll be able to see for miles across rolling hills, magical heathland and you may even see some of our free roaming animals along the way. If you need a break along the way, you will be riding past some lovely country pubs and cafes.

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